Why is Valentine's Day Celebration Prohibited (Haraam) in Islam?

’s Day Is a Jaahili Roman Festival, Which Continued to Be Celebrated Untill After the Romans Became Christian. This Festival Became Connected With the Saint Known as 
Valentine Who Was Sentenced to Death on 14 February 270 Ce. The Kuffaar Still Celebrate This Festival, During Which Immorality and Evil Are Practised Widely.

It Is Not Permissible for a Muslim to Celebrate Any of the Festivals of the Kuffaar, Because Festivals Come Under the Heading of Shar’iah Issues Which Are to Be Based on the Sound Texts.

Shaykh Al-islam Ibn Taymiyah (May Allah Have Mercy on Him) Said: Festivals Are Part of Shari’ah, Clear Way and Rituals of Which Allah Says : “To Each Among You, We Have Prescribed a Law and a Clear Way” [Al-Maa’idah 5:48]

“For Every Nation We Have Ordained Religious Ceremonies Which They Must Follow” [Al-Hajj 22:67]

Indeed, Festivals Are One of the Most Unique Features That Distinguish Various Religions and Among Their Most Prominent Symbols, So Joining in With Them Is Joining in With the Most Characteristic and Prominent Symbols of Kufr. No Doubt Joining in With This May Lead to Complete Kufr.

To Conclude: The Mulsims Should Not Do Any of Their Rituals at the Time of Their Festivals; Rather the Day of Their Festival Should Be Like Any Other Day for the Muslims. The Muslims Should Not Do Anything Specific in Imitation of Them. End Quote From Majmoo Al-fataawa (25/329).

The Clear Evidence of the Quran and Sunnah – Indicates That There Are Only Two Festivals in Islam

1. Eid Al-Fitr

2. Eid Al-Adha

Any Other Festivals That Have to Do With a Person, a Group, an Event or Anything Else Are Innovated Festivals, Which It Is Not Permissible for Muslims to Observe, Approve of or Express Joy on Those Occasions.

Prophet (PBUH) Said: “Whoever Imitates a People Is One of Them.” Valentine’s Day Comes Under This Heading Because It Is an Idolatrous Christian Festival, So It Is Not Permissible for a Muslim Who Believes in Allah and the Last Day to Observe It or Approve of It or Congratulate People on It. Rather He Has to Ignore It and Avoid It, in Obedience to Allah. BEWARE MUSLIMS !!!

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