The Secret of Successful Life

Life is either in favor of a person or against him

Either the passing hours take you to pleasure of Allah and ultimate success or lead you to anger of Allah and ultimate loss.

Life will either make you rejoice for a time over which you will cry for eternity or it will make you cry for a time over which you rejoice for eternity.

Successful is the one who sees and recognizes reality of this life and knows its true value. Allah has made this life as a test to see the true nature of His slaves.

Strive to seek Allah’s pleasure and do not be away from His mercy by disobeying Him. Seek Allah’s pardon and He will pardon you. Seek guidance and He will guide you.

Do not obey or be influenced by those who disobey Allah and be in the company of righteous.

Before any action ask your self will Allah approve of this, will He be pleased with me, Will I be rewarded or held accountable?

We are owned by Allah, our bodies are owned by Allah, what we eat, wear and walk on is owned by Allah, this Earth and whole universe is His possession so how can we, living on the Earth that he has provided us with and dwelling the bodies that He has blessed us with, disobey Allah without any hesitation?

Allah Calls us to Success five times a day

Hayya alas Salah

Rush to prayer

Hayya alal Falah

Rush to success

It is upon us to answer HIS call and become the part of those who are successful and those who are HIS beloved. It is for us to choose whether we want to Beautify our life or ruin it. May Allah make us all follow the path of life that leads to success. In'sha'Allah

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