Famous Youtuber 'Bobby's Perspective' FINALLY Reverts to ISLAM!!!

is a former Orthodox Christian, some years ago he began a spiritual journey looking into other faiths and practices. Never would he have thought of becoming Muslim, he actually views Islam and Muslims as the ultimate enemy! Due to the history with the Ottoman Muslim and Slavic Christian Empires (Macedonia) where he is originates from, wars had taken place in the past which has created a negative light on Islam in that region of the world.

Brother Bobby also became heavily involved in the Vegan lifestyle, thinking that was the ultimate truth and the path to true enlightenment. But he ended up becoming quite ill so left that life style, ended up going back in to Christian Orthodoxy but still not being satisfied with the church teachings and things not adding up with in the bible, Bobby decided to look in to Islam.

With ill intentions he thought that he would find "The Devil" with in the Qur'an, but after first reading he came to realise the exact opposite and was amazed by the words of Allah (God) with in the Qur'an. As he became very interested in Islam Bobby started to make content only reacting to Islamic videos and teachings about Islam. He has since grown a huge Muslim following Alhamdulillah and after a long journey researching about Islam has now finally accepted the faith and taken his Shahada! May Allah Guide Him & Bless Him (Ameen)

Bobbys Channel @TheBobbysPerspective
Shahada With Sheikh Uthman @OneMessageFoundation

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