Reasons Why We Should Not Celebrate Eid Milaad Un Nabi

Eid Milad is not in Islamic Shariah, it was later introduced by Shia Fatimid in Egypt.

Historians differed about the date of birth of Prophet SAW. Some said it's in Ramadan, some in Shabaan and Some said its in Rabi ul awal.

How can a Muslim rejoice and have party when on 12th Rabi al Awal our prophet died?

Birthday celebration have pagan roots. Celebrating birthdays is not allowed at all.

This celebration is neither from Sunnah nor Qur'an. Anything that is not part of these two can not be part of Islam... The Prophet SAW said, "Stick to my sunnah and the sunnah of my rightly guided Caliphs, beware of Newly invented matters, for every new matter is Bid'ah and every Bid'ah is misleading. (Tirmizi 2676)"

Allah says in [Surah al Maidah 3]. "This day I have perfected your religion for you." When Islam is perfect and complete then who gave the authority to these people to introduce new things in Islam?

Celebrating milaad is imitation of Christians and Jews. Jews celebrate birthday of Uzair, Christians celebrate birthday of Esa AS. while the Prophet Saw said, "Whoever imitates a people becomes one of them. (Abu Dawood)"

Prophet SAW said, "Be different from Mushrikeen. (Sahih Muslim)"

Prophet SAW said "Do not exaggerate in praising me."

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